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 New Features That Improve The Appearance And Experience Of Maps

You’ll soon be able to investigate a neighborhood before visiting, explore 250+ landmarks in aerial view, identify nearby destinations with Live View, and do much more thanks to upcoming updates to Google Maps.

The capabilities of maps have always been expanded by Google Maps. Live traffic features and busyness information insights have revolutionised how individuals get from point A to point B and how they choose where to go. We discussed at Search On how we’re once again rethinking Google Maps, this time with a visual and user-friendly map that lets you experience a location as if you were actually there, all made possible by the most recent developments in computer vision and predictive models.

Four New Google Maps Features

1. Well known location on the map
2. Immersive View
3. Live View of streets
4. Conducting Sustainable Operations

Check the mood before you go. 💯✅

It might be challenging to determine what is new, what should be explored, and what the neighborhood’s hidden treasures are when you are visiting a new area. With the help of useful photographs and data from the Google Maps community right on the map, you’ll soon be able to choose an area and watch the most popular spots come to life. This is possible thanks to our new local vibe feature.

Imagine you’re traveling to Paris; you can quickly determine whether an area is artistic or has a buzzing restaurant scene so you can plan your time wisely. We blend artificial intelligence (AI) with local expertise from Google Maps users, who contribute more than 20 million new items to the map every day, including reviews, images, and videos, to ascertain the feel of a place. In the upcoming months, neighborhood vibe will be available on Android and iOS worldwide.


View well-known locations on the map with a sense of the neighbourhood.

250 landmark aerial pictures are now available.🌏

We unveiled an immersive view at I/O, a completely new way to explore the world that allows you to see breathtaking, three-dimensional views of a location with important details like the weather, traffic, and bustle layered on top. Over 250 photorealistic aerial views of famous locations around the world, ranging from the Tokyo Tower to the Acropolis, are being released today, marking a huge advancement towards a more immersive map with google earth

google maps immersive view how to use

               View 250 photorealistic aerial pictures of famous locations across the world.

With the aid of predictive modeling, the immersive view uses past trends to estimate what a location will look like tomorrow, next week, or even next month. As a result, you will be able to organize your day if you wish to visit Oracle Park while visiting San Francisco. If the weather is going to be frigid on game day, you’ll be able to see where the parking lots and entrances are as well as where they are located.

After the game, do you need to find a place to eat? By enabling users to glide down to street level, peek inside, and predict how busy a restaurant will be, we make it simple to experience what neighboring eateries are like. In the upcoming months, the immersive view will be made available for Android and iOS in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo.with google maps street view

A major development for Live View🙌

We’re altering the way you explore a location right now in addition to helping you experience it before you go there. In order to prevent getting lost, Live View, which superimposes arrows and directions directly on top of your environment, was developed three years ago. Now, we’re developing the underlying technology — the first of its kind to be widely accessible — to introduce a new function called search with Live View, which facilitates more intuitive local search google maps new features 2022

Let’s say you need to withdraw money before going to a market outside. Simply elevate your phone to search using Live View and you’ll see all the ATMs nearby. Additionally, you can see other locations, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and coffee shops. You may tap on any site to view more information, such as what services the barbershop across the street provides, and we’ll show you the location’s hours of operation and current level of activity. In the upcoming months, Search with Live View will be made available on Android and iOS in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Tokyo.


Lift your phone to use Live View to search and explore local locations.

Assisting businesses and developers to conduct sustainable operations♻️

Recently, we introduced eco-friendly routing in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Using data from the European Environment Agency and insights from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States Department of Energy, this new routing model enables drivers to see and select the most fuel-efficient route to their destination.

Since its introduction in the United States and Canada, eco-friendly routing has reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 500,000 metric tonnes, or the equivalent of removing 100,000 fuel-powered vehicles from the road. We’ll soon make this similar technology available to other developers through new Google Maps Platform to have an even greater impact.

The ability to enable eco-friendly routing in their apps and track fuel usage and savings for one trip, several journeys, or even across their whole fleet will allow businesses of all sizes and sectors, such as delivery or ridesharing services, to perform better. When choosing an environmentally responsible path, developers will even have the option of selecting an engine type to obtain the most precise fuel or energy efficiency estimations. Later this year, wherever Google Maps is available, developers will have access to eco-friendly routing in preview.

With the announcements made today, we’re creating a Maps experience that puts the visual first and encourages more natural exploration and travel.

google maps

google maps


What is the new Google Maps update?

The big new feature coming to Google Maps is called Immersive View, which fuses Street View and aerial images to create 3D representations of specific locations. Maps is also adding updates to Live View and to navigation.

What are the new things in Google Maps?

New Google Maps features including immersive view, Live view updates, electric vehicle charging tools and glanceable directions.

What are map updates?

Map updates provide the latest roads, points of interest and (depending on model) updated software.

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