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Meta Verified: No more waiting for blue ticks on Facebook and Instagram. Meta is introducing the practice of ‘felo kadi makho oil’.


Meta Verified Price: Facebook’s parent company Meta launched the verified service in February this year. Like last year’s Twitter subscription model. Where the user pays a certain amount and in return receives a verified status with a blue tick. However, before giving this status, the organization will verify the official identity card of the user.

The service was first launched by META in Australia and New Zealand. The price has been kept at $ 11 per month (about Rs 990 in Indian currency). Then the launch is in the United States. Meta Verified service has been launched in the US this month. On this day Meta launched the waiting list for Indian users. The information about how much money has to be spent to get Blue Tick is also known in this verification.

How much does it cost to get Meta Blue Tick in India?

According to various media reports, mobile users of Facebook and Instagram will have to pay Rs 1,450 per month to get this blue tick. Talking about the website, this figure has been kept at Rs 1,099.

How to get blue tick?

META has just opened a waiting list for this service. Users must submit a valid government ID to verify meta. Then you have to select the category in which you want to get Blue Tick i.e. Mobile or Web. Meta Verified Blue Tick is available only after depositing the prescribed amount every month.

Incidentally, the micro-blogging platform Twitter has long ago started the blue tick service in exchange for money. Twitter Blue Tick is priced at Rs 900 per month for Indian Android and iOS users and Rs 650 per month for web users.

meta verified blue tick

meta verified blue tick

Benefits of Meta Verified Blue Tick

Under this service, users will not only get blue ticks. This will definitely add an extra layer of security. Customer support will be available, account engagement will be increased. Currently Meta Verified is enabled for individual profiles above 18 years of age. It hasn’t said yet whether it will launch a verified service for business and under-18 profiles in the future.

For now you can register your name and other details by joining the Meta verified waiting list. You can also visit the official website of the mater to join the waiting list.

Meta Company

CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta today at Connect 2021, which unifies our apps and technologies under a single new company brand. Meta’s primary goal will be to bring the metaverse to life and assist people in connecting, finding communities, and growing businesses.

meta company

meta company

The metaverse will resemble a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world at times. It will allow you to share immersive experiences with others even when you are unable to be together — and do things together that you would not be able to do in the physical world. It’s the next step in a long line of social technologies, ushering in a new era for our company. Mark elaborated on this vision in a founder’s letter.

To celebrate the momentum and expansion of the industry, our annual Connect conference brings together developers of augmented and virtual reality, content producers, marketers, and other professionals. This year’s virtual event looked at how people might feel in the metaverse over the next decade, from social connection to entertainment, gaming, fitness, work, education, and commerce. We also announced new tools to assist people in developing for the metaverse, such as the Presence Platform, which will enable new mixed reality experiences on Quest 2, and a $150 million investment in immersive learning to train the next generation of creators.

What exactly is Meta?

Meta creates technologies that assist people in connecting, finding communities and growing businesses. When Facebook first appeared in 2004, it revolutionized the way people communicated. Apps like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp empowered billions more people worldwide. Meta is now moving beyond 2D screens and into immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality to aid in the development of the next generation of social technology.

meta verified

meta verified

Meta Verified eligibility Criteria on Facebook

You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for Meta Verified.

At the moment, only individual profiles are eligible for Meta Verified. Meta Verified is not available to business accounts. If your account violates our Terms of Service or Community Standards, your access to Meta Verified features may be restricted or deleted at any time.

Your Facebook profile must match the following minimal requirements:

  • Be a public or private profile linked to your full name that adheres to our name rules, as well as a profile photo with your face in it and a picture that matches your official identification.
  • Minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history, must be met by your account.
    Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Our Terms of Service and Community Standards must be followed by the account.

Please keep in mind that, for the time being, Meta Verified only supports your real name on your profile. Once your profile has been verified, you cannot modify the username, profile name, date of birth, or photo without re-subscribing to Meta Verified and going through the subscription and verification procedure again.

Regarding Meta Verified on Instagram

Individual or professional Instagram profiles that match our qualifying conditions can purchase Meta Verified subscriptions.
At this time, business profiles are not eligible to apply for Meta Verified. Meta Verified subscription advantages are subject to change at any time as we strive to improve the user experience.
When you successfully finish the Instagram verification process, you will gain access to Meta Verified subscription features.

The following subscriptions are Meta Verified:

  • A validated badge
  • Account support for the most common difficulties is available.
  • Accounts are actively monitored for impersonation.
  • Instagram Stories Exclusive Stickers

Please keep in mind that purchasing a Meta Verified subscription on Instagram will not transfer to your Facebook account. If you have numerous accounts on Instagram, each profile must have its own Meta Verified subscription linked to your account. If your account violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, your access to Meta Verified subscription privileges may be revoked.

Please keep in mind that all Meta Verified subscribers and their material must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. All content and accounts on Instagram will be processed in accordance with our current Recommendation Guidelines.
Learn how to sign up for Meta Verified.



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