Google Pay: Rewards of Rupees 80,000 on Google Pay! Happy users, did you get it?

google pay rewards
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Google Pay Rewards: How many transactions do you do on Google Pay per day? Have you ever received such a big prize?

You can use UPI to send money or go to the market to buy anything And the majority of individuals utilise Google Pay to complete these transactions. Apart from faster transactions, there is one more thing that encourages Google Pay users. And that’s the prize.

On every transaction, some rewards are credited to the user’s account. But how much money rewards or cashback have you got by using this app?

You will be surprised to know that recently many users have received rewards of up to Rs 80,000 from Google Pay. Do you think you will get that much reward if you do this kind of transaction? Let us tell you that due to a technical glitch, Google Pay has credited this money to that user’s account.

Over the past few days, several users have reported that their accounts are being credited with excess amounts ranging from $10 to $1,000 (Rs. 80,000 in Indian currency) after making money transactions. Users understand why this money is being given. According to some, Google Pay has started distributing the money.

The surprising thing is that sometimes the company finds out about the error and recovers the money. But in many cases, Google Pay did not refund this money. According to the company, the money is fully owned by the user so no additional action is required.

Recently a journalist named Mishaal Rehman faced a similar incident. Who shared this incident on Twitter. According to them, I open the app and see on one tab that I have $46 in rewards.

google pay cashback

google pay cashback

He said, if someone has received such rewards, then open the deals tab of the app and see if there is any reward there. However, Mishal learns that the money has been sent to him by mistake. Many internet social media have said that they are getting such rewards without doing anything.

Tesla chief Elon Musk has recently responded to the distribution of this money by Google Pay, he wrote on Twitter that day, ‘noise’ means noise. However, Google Pay says that the bug has been fixed. Unknowingly, paid users are being refunded.

Mishal Rahman, who received this additional reward, also said that Google Pay has mailed me in this regard. But the company also said that if someone has received these rewards and does not receive any mail, he can keep the money. No action will be taken.

google pay rewards

google pay rewards

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